The short film is a coming-of-age story set in rural Eastern Washington, that spans almost two decades. A quiet thirteen-year-old and his rough and silent stepfather track down a wounded deer. The lessons learned in those dark woods aren't fully realized until seventeen years later, when the teenager, now a grown man, pays a visit to his stepfather. 

When Bill finds a wounded deer in his garage that another hunter has failed to track he is furious. When he retrieves his rifle to finish the job he takes the opportunity to teach his stepson the principals of doing the right thing. Years later they finally understand what it is they learned that day in the woods. Doing the right thing is rarely easy and rarely clear.

Box Walk is completed and is currently being submitted to festivals. Written and directed by Tony Fulgham it was produced through his company World Famous with partners Megan Ball and Alan Nay. Box Walk was one of five recipients of the Washington Filmworks Innovation Lab Grant.